5 Great Design Process Case Studies

Developing your own ‘design process’ is one of the key steps of becoming a master designer. Below are five great examples of design case studies that illustrate other designers’ design processes, and offer key insight into the decisions made during the designing (or redesigning) of their product.

Fantasy Interactive (FI) All

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 9 01 46 PM

I know I said five case studies, but the Fantasy Interactive Case Studies page is just fantastic. There are 76 case studies on the site (yes, I did count them) and they are all great. Some are text, some have beautiful videos – its just a great resource for seeing other peoples design process.

Redesigning ‘Circle’ iOS

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This page gives you a run through of the redesign of the iOS app ‘Circle’. Looking at case studies of a redesign can give greater insights into a designers process as the decisions made mostly based on hard data from the previous version. In addition to some decisions made in the process, the page also gives a nice time breakdown.

Redesigning a ‘Food Trucks’ website for Windows Metro Windows Metro

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 9 03 59 PM

Definitely an interesting idea, this page details migrating a website based around Food Trucks, to a Windows Metro style interface. It breaks down how each element on the current site would map to the Metro UI layout.

Designing ‘Plurk’ Web

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 9 01 38 PM

Zurb details how they designed Plurk – an app that lets users quickly test mobile touch targets.

They discuss how your visual design can communicate a story and walk through various iterations of their Plurk design.

Designing ‘Zee’ Responsive Web

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 9 03 13 PM

Abduzeedo is a great blog, and this page details the design of a new website. It steps through some of the decision process when designing a responsive website.

Designing ‘UX Exchange’ Web

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 9 03 40 PM

You probably know Stack Overflow, well UX Exchange is another site in the Stack Exchange (SE) family and its devoted to User Experience. This page details some of the decisions that went into designing the look of the UX Exchange site, while trying to hold on to some of the familiar elements of the family of SE sites.


I hope these five case studies give you an insight into other users design process and helps inform your own. If you know of any other great design cases studies, let us know in the comments.