Minimalist and simplified logo redesigns inspired by Patreon’s rebrand

Take a look at these insane (unofficial) logo reinventions of some of the world’s biggest brands. These logo redesigns were inspired by Patreon’s rebrand.

Patreon’s recent rebrand takes the trend of logo simplification to the extreme. Patreon switched out their unique “p” symbol for a rectangle and a circle.

Patreon Logo

Frustrated with the trend of oversimplification, Reddit user /r/g_noodle took it upon themselves to reimagine other big brand’s logos in a minimalist form. Can you guess which brands each of these logos represent?

eBay Logo Simplification

Starting out easy: it’s eBay‘s logo, simplified!

Apple Logo Simplification

You probably guessed that this logo redesign belongs to Apple. Apple’s logo is already quite simple to begin with.

McDonalds Logo Simplification

Starting to get trickier, McDonald’s distinctive golden arches are trashed for some rectangles. I like this one because it looks like fries.

Twitter Logo Simplification

Logo redesign for Twitter. You can see the bird’s head shape with the beak.

Amazon Logo Simplification

This one would actually make a good favicon for Amazon.

Facebook Logo Simplification

Facebook‘s lowercase F is looking a lot more blocky.

Fedex Logo Simplification

FedEx still clearly identifiable with this minimalist treatment.

Google Logo Simplification

Some of these re-imaginations are clearly better than others. Did you get Google from this circle?

Monster Logo Simplification

Monster energy drink loses its primal look with these rectangles.

Nike Logo Simplification

This one is my favourite because it’s ridiculous. Did you guess Nike?

Pepsi Logo Simplification

Pepsi‘s logo didn’t need that much of a change to arrive at this circle logo.

Spotify Logo Simplification

This one is meant to be Spotify.

Subway Logo Simplification

Subway. Eat rectangles.

YouTube Logo Simplification

I didn’t guess this one. Did you get YouTube?

Firefox Logo Simplification

Finally, this one was difficult to guess. Firefox!

That was fun. One must wonder which brand will be next to get the terrible rebranding treatment. How many logos did you manage to guess?