Crop photos into shapes and make circle Instagram photos

Make your Instagram more stylish and impressive by cropping your photos into creative shapes. Easily create round, rectangular, triangle, oval, diamond, heart and other-shaped photos. These circle and shape photo frame apps are like a cookie cutter for your pictures!

iPhone/iPad Apps

Trimly Photo LabTrimly Photo Lab

Download Free for iPhone/iPad

Trimly Photo Lab lets you trim your photos into lots of different shapes: circle, heart, plus, cross, triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon. You can also choose the transparency of the photo outside of the shape or choose to have the edges be completely opaque. This app is perfect if you just want to put photos in a circle without any hassle.

Shape Your Photo - cool border shapes maker for picturesShape Your Photo

Download Free for iPhone/iPad and $1.99 to unlock all shapes

This app does its one job well: crop photos to a shape. Crop circle photos or choose from 385 shapes to turn your photo into basically any shape.

Frames DelightFrames Delight

Download Free for iPhone/iPad

This app hasn’t been updated for a few years but it has some of the most creative crop shapes. Trees, flowers, skulls and words are among the shape crops available in this app.

Android Apps

Image CropImage Crop

Download Free for Android devices

Crop and rotate your photos with this professional-looking app. Image Crop features a material design UI and some simple options for cropping your photos, including circular/rectangular and aspect ratio.

Round PhotoRound Photo

Download Free for Android devices

This recently updated app looks cutesy, but don’t let that fool you: the app offers powerful options for cropping your photos. There are different-sized circle crops and other shapes, and you can choose the color and transparency of the area surrounding the photo.


This effect looks best if you’re consistent in the type of photos you post: imagine a whole Instagram feed of round photos on a white background. Try not to go overboard on your feed by mixing and matching effects.