Split photo into a swipeable panorama on Instagram

Ever wondered how people make seamless panoramas on Instagram where you can swipe to reveal more of the panorama? Luckily there are specialised apps to help you create stunning panoramas on Instagram that can impress your followers. You can create panoramas with 3, 4, or even up to 10 photos.

Best Instagram panorama apps

We’ve looked at a bunch of apps for Instagram panoramas for iPhone and Android so that you don’t have to. Here are the best apps we could find.

Pic Splitter for Instagram

Pic Splitter can split your photos for Instagram grids but can also be used to create panoramic images.

Highly Recommended. Available on iPhone and Google Play Store (Android). Price: $1.99

Although not built specifically for this purpose, Pic Splitter does a good job at making Instagram panoramas. You can create panoramas up to 3 photos wide. Simply choose the 3 x 1 grid size from the bottom menu. The good thing about this app is that you can resize and position your photo to create the perfect swipeable panorama. This app is recommended because it comes with the bonus ability to create large Instagram grid images on your profile page.

Panogr is a decent panorama-making app for InstagramPanogr

Available on iPhone. Price: Free, Ad-Enabled.

Panogr is a decent Instagram panorama maker app for iPhone. Panogr allows you to choose any photo from your phone’s photo albums. You can create panoramas up to 4 squares wide.


Available on iPhone. Price: Free, watch ad to remove watermark temporarily or $2.99 in app purchase

Panora is good if you want a quick option for creating Instagram panoramas. You can either filter to see just your panoramic photos or browse from your photo roll. You can’t customize the number of tiles or the position of the panorama. However, it does a pretty good job at deciding the default positioning and scale for you. You can remove the watermark by watching an ad. An in-app purchase costs $2.99 to remove watermarks permanently.


Pannify Insta Panorama

Pannify is fee and create panoramas up to 10 squares wide.

Highly Recommended. Available on Google Play Store (Android). Price: Free, No Ads

Pannify Insta Panorama allows you to create massive Instagram panoramas—up to 10 photos wide. You can select your desired width and scale, crop and rotate your photo as needed. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it’s free, and without any ads!

PanoramaCrop for Instagram

Highly Recommended. Available on Google Play Store (Android) Price: Free

A great Android alternative to Pannify is PanoramaCrop for Instagram. Not only can you browse from your gallery and choose up to 10 tiles for your panorama, you can also slide to adjust the aspect ratio for your panorama tiles. That’s right—panorama tiles don’t necessarily have to be square. Your panoramas can be taller or wider, depending on what’s best for your photo.

How to make a swipeable Instagram panorama

  1. Choose a panoramic photo or a photo that looks good with a wide crop
  2. Split the photo into square images using one of the recommended apps
  3. Upload the photo tiles as a multi-photo post on Instagram in order from left to right
  4. Swipe along the photo in your photo feed to reveal the whole panorama

Share your panorama

Got a good Instagram swipeable panorama that you want to show off? Share it in the comment section below!