Best Beauty Editor Apps for Flawless Skin and Makeup

Today, you need a good editing tool for any photos you’re publishing to the web. With so many filters and effects to choose from, you will always be able to put your best face out to the world.

If you’re a person who is often putting photos out to social media, you will need to figure out which are the best beauty apps for flawless skin and makeup.

To get started, check out these offerings.

1. Perfect365

This app is co-signed by Kim Kardashian herself, so it’s gotta be packed with lots of features. Kim K has a brand worth $350 million and trusts some of her empire to the tools that this app uses.

With the Perfect365 app, you’ll be able to post impeccable photos that are truly flattering. A lot of women with makeup brands use this app for this reason.

2. FaceTune

You’ve probably heard of auto-tune, but what about FaceTune?

In the way that auto-tune fixes audio imperfections, FaceTune will help smooth out the rough edges and get rid of facial imperfections. This is the selfie editor that started it all, and so many people use it on a regular basis.

It was even featured in the New York Times for its ability to help you look your absolute best, whether you are simply putting your brand out to the public or literally getting ready to walk the red carpet.


This app takes your photos and allows you to run them through several presets until you get the perfect look that you are seeking for them.

It comes in both a free version and a $20 a month premium version. In the free version, you are able to access all of the basic presets and make use of editing tools, such as gain, contrast, and saturation.

On the premium version, there is an expansive library of more than 100 presets, professional grade editing tools, community photo challenges every week, and more.

4. Retrica

This app, a popular item on iOS and Android, lets you really take your photos to the next level — particularly the selfies.

People tend to use this app when they regularly put out creative photos that they want to share with the public. It is particularly useful if you have a travel or adventure blog and really want to represent the brand.

There are several filters and other features that you will want to take advantage of, including a swiftly growing community of users.

Check Out These Beauty Apps

When you use these beauty apps, you will be in a good position to make the most out of each and every selfie. These apps will help you to have flawless skin and a beautiful appearance whenever you choose to use them.

By using these apps, you will be able to grow your brand and figure out which tools are excellent for any photos that you are looking to take.

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