It’s Not Lipo: 4 Body Slimming Apps That Will Take Off Pounds From Your Selfies

Deception is the new game in fashion. And why not? You want to put your best self forward!

Ok, maybe you just had a bad week and cheated on your diet. Maybe you want to make yourself feel better by taking a Glamour-worthy selfie and posting it on Instagram.

You totally should be able to indulge yourself that way. But how? Do you need an expensive software suite like Adobe Photoshop?

In today’s app economy, you don’t need an expensive piece of software to make your selfie look incredible. In fact, we’ve got the top body slimming apps ready for download below. Let’s check them out.

1. Body Slimming Apps: Spring Effects

The app starts with you. Well, a picture of you. And it makes you identify your face so it knows what not to slim down too much or misshapen.

A slimming app should be intelligent enough to distinguish between your face and your body. You don’t want to end up looking like someone Dana Scully might dissect.

Spring Effects then gives you control over how skinny you want to be. You can slim yourself down 100% if you want. You can even change the shape of your face. 

Depending on how skinny you are, you might notice massive changes or slight ones. 

2. Make Me Thin or Fat Body Booth

If you’re looking for a way to tweak multiple parts of your body at once, use Make Me Thin or Fat Body Booth. This isn’t just an app for making your own image skinny.  You can use it to make your friends different sizes too.

Now, we suggest you only do this to people you like and know well. Cyberbullying is a heinous and sometimes criminal act. Please don’t use any of these apps to hurt other people.

But if you want to see how your friends look at different sizes, go ahead and play with this app together. It could be an excellent party game.

3. Save Face with Facetune

One of the easiest ways to make a selfie look awesome is to only photograph your face. But the problem is the camera on your phone is made to distort the image it captures. The engineers who created phone cameras were thinking stunning vistas and not selfies when they built your iPhone.

This is why apps like Facetune exist. They may not slim your body down, but they certainly make your face look prettier when your camera is distorting it.

4. Body Plastic Surgery

From the title, you might expect this to be a face only app. But this app also changes your form and shape.

You can easily get rid of zits and skin imperfections. If you feel too skinny, you can add muscle mass to your body. If you’re feeling overweight, you can slim down your body.

This app works as advertised.

Nothing Wrong With Feeling Good

Changing your appearance with body slimming apps is no different than wearing makeup. You’re making yourself feel better. 

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