But Make It Fashion: 4 Good Photo Editing Apps for Fashion Bloggers

So. Many. Likes.

It’s what we all want on our Instagram feed, right? And if you’re a fashion blogger, getting likes on your photos are basically like Instagram nourishment!

So what are the best apps for editing photos for fashion bloggers?

Glad you asked. In this post, we’ll go over 4 good photo editing apps that fashion bloggers should never go without!

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Based on the amount of stuff this app does, it should be really hard to learn and tricky to use. But somehow, it isn’t.

It’s a photo editing app that somehow finds that sweet spot between having a lot of useful tools and not having a 300-page manual that you need to pour over.

It’s got all the standard photo editing tools you’d expect from an app, like adjusting brightness, tweaking highlights, and more.

It also has some more advanced tools to tweak specific parts of your photos. For example, you can zoom in on an apple and turn it redder with one of Snapseed’s brush tools. 

And it’s got a great variety of filters, as well as great options like lens blur, HDR and dealing settings. 


Ok, ok, we know all the jokes about Facetune. And we know that some people frown on this type of editing.

But let’s face it, sometimes to get a photo to pop the way it should, you need a little of what Facetune offers.

It’s a great app for smoothing blemishes on the skin. It can also help whiten teeth and blend in other imperfections. 

We all want to look perfect sometimes, right!?

VCSO Camera

This is what happens when you combine a great photo editing app with social media. 

VSCO has a built-in community of photographers that you can get involved with. Connect with them through the app by using hashtags, and you’ll have access to all the people in the VCSO community also using your hashtags.

As a photo editor, VCSO has the standard list of what you’d need in an app. It’s got saturation controls, as well as temperature and vignette alteration options.

You can also purchase filter packs that come in a variety of tones and styles, giving you even more of a way to customize your photos. 


This is an app that helps you let your creativity shine!

Prisma comes preloaded with filters that allow the user to turn any photo into a work of art.

And we don’t mean that figuratively. It literally lets you choose settings of famous artists like Mondrian, Picasso, and Van Gogh. Then your standard photo looks like it was drawn by a Renaissance master!

Using Prisma is a definite attention grabber on your Instagram feed!

Good Photo Editing Apps Can Give You the Edge!

As you already know, there’s a ton of competition when it comes to fashion blogging. 

Getting to know these good photo editing apps and finding more that work for you will be a great first step in helping your photos stand out!

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