Pokémon Logo Color Palette (Hex and RGB)

The Pokémon Logo is made up of a palette of yellow and blue colours. The yellow part of the logo features a flat shadow. The outline of the logo features gradients of different blues. Here are the Hex and RGB colors of the Pokémon logo.

The brand color palette for Pokémon is made up of 4 colors.

  • Pokémon Dark Blue
    Hex: #3c5aa6
    RGB: 60, 90, 166

  • Pokémon Yellow Shadow
    Hex: #c7a008
    RGB: 199, 160, 8

  • Pokémon Light Blue
    Hex: #2a75bb
    RGB: 42, 117, 187

  • Pokémon Yellow
    Hex: #ffcb05
    RGB: 255, 203, 5

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